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Global Agenda - Guidance for submissions
The three organisations (International Association of Schools of Social Work, International Council on Social Welfare, International Federation of Social Workers) affirm the vision of the Global Agenda which makes explicit the contribution of social work and social development in building a ‘society for all’ in which every individual has an active role to play within a fair and just world. We want to receive examples of practice and professional education as well as examples of advocacy and policy action related to the theme Promoting Social and Economic Equalities.

Submissions can include papers, videos, audio files, pictures and other material. It is NOT necessary to provide formal, peer reviewed academic papers with references, although these will be welcome. The Global Report will set the practice examples in a global context with reference to UN reports, global statistics and research evidence.

Please send a completed questionnaire (attached) with each submission – no more than 3 pages please. You can attach other material. We also provide a checklist which you may find helpful to stimulate your thinking.
Assemblée des délégué-e-s AvenirSocial 2013
L'Assemblée des délégué-e-s d'AvenirSocial aura lieu cette année le 28 juin prochain à Berne. Lors de la matinée, une intervention sera proposée par Beat Schmocker et Stéphane Beuchat sur le thème: "Mandats et responsabilités du Travail social". Une réflexion sera faite sur le modèle théorique sur lequel se base le comité suisse et le secrétariat général pour l'élaboration de ses prises de position.

Le rapport annuel 2012 ainsi que les annexes pour l'Assemblée des délégué-e-s sont consultables sur notre site web à partir du lien suivant: