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Global Agenda for Social Work - Human Rights and Social Work

The cooperation between the United Nations and the International Associations of Social Work Education, Practice and Social Welfare about the topic of Human Rights has already a tradition of more than 20 years. It started in Geneva with a joint publication called „Social Work and Human Rights“ of 1992 under the leaderhips of Jim Ife and Ellen Mouravieff-Apostol – as preparation to the UN-World Conference of 1993 in Vienna. It can also be seen as a contribution to the „UN Educational Decade“ from 1995 till 2004 where about a dozen professions (lawyers, politicians, physicians, nurses, teachers, educators, therapeutic, prisoner personnel, policemen etc. ... and last not least social workers) were addressed to develop and implement an educational and training program for their members.
Social work is one – perhaps even the only profession - who took this challenge so seriously that it integrated human rights as guidelines in its international definition of social work, in its Code of Professional Ethics and in its Global Standards for the Education and Training of the Social Work Profession. That there is a continous worldwide endeavour of social work organisations to strengthen the partnership with the United Nations is each year the topic of the „United Nations Social Work Day“ – this year combined with the presentation of the „Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development“.