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Publication from AIEJI: Social educational work – with refugee minor asylum seekers

At the General Assembly of the international organisation for social educators (AIEJI) in Luxembourg in April 2013 it was decided that a project concerning refugee minors should be carried out. This was due to the assessment that supporting these children and young people is a very big challenge for the social educators working in this field. They work with a group of children and young people dealing with a very unsafe background, being all alone far away from their home countries and with no knowledge of their future life situations. Furthermore, the social educators also work within the framework of a system where decisions made on a judicial and governmental level have a fundamental impact on the life situations of the minors now and further on.
With this publication, the aim of AIEJI is to encourage and inspire social educators in their work with unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. This publication will give pause to reflections and questions about the situation for the children and young people and shed light on the social educational work – especially how it is so very crucial for the refugee minors and a very challenging task for the social educators.